Every effort will be made to arrive on time at our destinations. Dee will give updates if at anytime we experience a "hiccup". It is also expected that you will keep us informed if you are going to be 

 late to a pick up or drop off. 

We offer direct payment or cash on pick up. NO PAYMENT NO PET.

Cancellation of transport within 24 hours will incur a fee of 50% of quoted price.
Whilst all due care will be taken whilst your pet is in transit you indemnify Kelly Slater t/a Paw & Order and authorise Kelly to seek emergency Vet Care should the need arise. All Veterinary expenses are the responsibility of the owner of the pet at the time of care.


A fridge will be provided for you to send meals with your pet. Ensure ALL meals are clearly labelled and sealed in an airtight Container. We do not encourage toys to be sent.
If your pet requires medication please ensure that it is clearly labelled and with written instructions relating to frequency and use.


Dee 0427055750

Kelly 0409827678


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